Journey For Elysium

A VR storytelling experience

Embark on an epic journey, hand-crafted for Virtual Reality

Journey For Elysium is an interactive tragedy made for Virtual Reality where players have to pave their way on an old rowboat through an epic version of the mythological underworld. On their way players will have to overcome a number of obstacles, puzzles, monsters and challenges.

  • Solve


    Journey for Elysium brings back the excitement of classic adventures games of the 90’s and revamps them for a new era. Solve an increasingly complex range of puzzles, challenges and tests to move the story forward.

  • Discover


    Immerse yourself into a rich world, grounded between history and myth. Explore breathtaking environments and unravel surprising facts of the Classical antiquity. Connect with all your senses to this VR storytelling experience.

  • Loot


    Journey For Elysium is built from the ground up with player experiment in mind. Scavenge materials and craft them into unique new objects and powerful artefacts to overcome the dangers luring behind every corner.

Unravel the ancient mythology of the underworld

Latest News

Journey For Elysium at Bump Festival 2017

Journey For Elysium at Bump 2017

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Last week we brought our VR setup to Bump 2017 Festival. It was exciting to be at a conference this large and demo Journey For Elysium to so many people for the first time....

Venturing out!

Venturing out!

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Over the last couple of weeks we ‘ve been busy designing, modelling, coding and finalising a first playable level for Journey For Elysium. It took us a lot of hard work...